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Archers specialize in long-distance attacks using a bow and arrow, so you can strike before your target even knows it's in your sight! You can attack a single creature or use explosive arrows to damage multiple enemies at the same time. Archers are trained by Lugabow, the defender of the Greenwood Forest.[1]

Job Type: Combat

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LevelIconTrait NameDescription
PrecisionIncrease the precision of your shots, adding additional damage and increasing the chance of critical hits.

MarksmanshipInflict additional damage when you scores a critical hit.

ReflexesIncrease your run speed and improve your chance of dodging attacks.

Lucky ShotA lucky shot can sometimes restore a little bit of your energy.

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Unlocking Archer

As of March 16th 2013 all new players need to unlock the archer job before being able to use it. To unlock the job you must find the Archer trainer, Lugabow - at Greenwood Camp. You can also use the message boards to help you.


Archer is a combat job, meaning that the majority of your levels will come from combat instances. Prowling dungeons and besting enemies in the wilderness will earn you stars, which in turn give you experience, as well as the opportunity to invest the stars into your specialized abilities.

As an Archer, there is also a series of quests that will guide you through your job. These quests will grant you experience; however, you will hit road blocks that prevent you from continuing the quest line until you gain more levels. Your trainers will notify you of this and offer you a reminder quest whenever this happens!

Quest Series

Lugabow - at Greenwood Camp

  1. Archer: Test of Agility
  2. Archer: Taking Aim
  3. Archer: Oath of Honor

Hilforn - in northern Greenwood Forest

  1. Archer: Pondblaster Target Practice
  2. Archer: Explosive Expedition
  3. Archer: Achieve Level 5
  4. Archer: Pondblaster Payback
  5. Archer: Archer Departure

Vicki - at Farnum's Farm

  1. Archer: No Arrows, No Work
  2. Archer: No Bow, No Work
  3. Archer: I Quit!

Bullseye - near the western entrance to Blackspore Swamp

  1. Archer: Archer Test
  2. Archer: Achieve Level 10
  3. Archer: Paralyzing Poison
  4. Archer: A Stunning Effect

Bowman Bilter

  1. Archer: Suspicious Smugglers
  2. Archer: Animal Investigation
  3. Archer: Prevention First - from Mr. Miles
  4. Archer: Achieve Level 15
  5. Archer: Cutting Out the Buyers


  1. Archer: Finding Vicki
  2. Archer: Remain Vigilant
  3. Archer: New Challenges


  1. Archer: Achieve Level 20
  2. Archer: Building a Better Bow
  3. Archer: Can You Hit a Bullseye

Bowman Bilter - near the northern entrance to Blackspore Swamp

  1. Archer: Attack from Above

Archer Clothes

1Hen FeatherCoin Shop Coins 752  +12
4Point BlankCoin Shop Coins 769  +23
6Roving Coin Shop Coins 802  +23
8DriftingCoin Shop Coins 852  +35
10 Cross Wind Coin Shop Coins 918  +35
12BobtailedCoin Shop Coins 1001  +47
14Bodkin Coin Shop Coins 1101  +47
16UpshotCoin Shop Coins 1217  +58
18Pin Hole Coin Shop Coins 1350  +58
20Bull's-Eye Briarheart Caverns (Wristguards)
Cray Caves (Boots)
Dark Spore Depths (Leggins)
Forest Troll Fort (Hat)
Haunted Mines (Tunic)
Tanglewood Fort (Quiver)


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