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This article refers to items, events, personae and activities available in-game during the Birthday Bash celebration.
In 2013, the Free Realms Birthday Bash is expected with the March 28 game update.

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The Birthday Bash is an annual celebration that commemorates the anniversary of Free Realms, which originally launched on April 29, 2009. In 2013, the Free Realms Birthday Bash is expected with the March 28 game update.

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Where's the Party?

All of the major towns in Sacred Grove each have their own special party location!


The Birthday Bash 2013 includes all of the awesomeness from the previous Birthday Bash plus these new additions!

Spring Eggstravagansa

Everyday from the 28th of March to the 31st of March there will be a quest given to you from Alyssa Eggelyn. You will have to find hidden eggs in Sacred Grove, when you find one on it's appropriate day you will be able to color it and open it on the Spring Eggstravagansa day. If you find all 4 eggs, you can open the large egg on the Spring Eggstravagansa day too.

If you miss a day, you can still find the eggs from the previous days, but you must buy egg coloring kits from the marketplace.

Small Eggs

These are the 4 possible rewards you receive when opening the 4 eggs.

Big Egg

There is only one possible rewards to get when opening this egg.


Quest Series

The quests for this event are centered in Sanctuary, but send you all around Sacred Grove. Speak with Camellia to get things started.

  1. A Piece of Cake from Camellia in Sanctuary - repeatable once per day
  2. Undelivered Confections from Camellia
  3. Mysteriously Cakey Remains from Chef Jarvie in Merry Vale
  4. Cakey Clue from Mayor McFairy in Merry Vale
  5. To Bake a Pretty Cake from Glerga in the Robgoblin Camp
  6. Perfecting the Batter from Glerga
  7. All Cakensteins Must Die from Glerga
  8. Forgivable Matter from Glerga

Mystery Gifts

Certain quests associated with the event reward random mystery gifts! Some of these items are also available from the Coin Shop!

Event Goodies

Many items are for sale in either the Station Cash Marketplace or the Coin Shop.

Birthday Items How Obtained
Balloon Animal (pet) Marketplace
Balloon Bunny Ears Coin Shop
Balloon Flair Shard Marketplace
Balloon Hat Coin Shop
Balloon Pet Pumper Marketplace
Birthday Party Crate Marketplace
Blackspore Swamp Birthday Cake Marketplace
Briarwood Birthday Cake Marketplace
Cakeling (pet pal) Marketplace
Cupcake (pet pal) Coin Shop
Cupcake Hat Coin Shop
Merry Vale Birthday Cake Marketplace
Pinata Pony (pet) Marketplace
Sanctuary Birthday Cake Marketplace
Seaside Birthday Cake Marketplace
Shrouded Glade Birthday Cake Marketplace
Snowhill Birthday Cake Marketplace
Streamer Flair Shard Marketplace
Wugachug Birthday Cake Marketplace

Housing Items How Obtained
Birthday Bash Bed (NEW) Marketplace
Birthday Bash Chair (NEW) Marketplace
Birthday Bash Dining Table (NEW) Marketplace
Birthday Bash Floor Lamp (NEW) Marketplace
Birthday Bash Furniture Bundle (NEW) Marketplace
Birthday Bash Sofa (NEW) Marketplace
Birthday Bash Wall Sconce (NEW) Marketplace
Birthday Gift Coin Shop
Birthday Gifts Coin Shop
Birthday Party Balloons 3-Pack Coin Shop
Birthday Party Balloons 4-Pack Coin Shop
Birthday Party Banner Coin Shop
Weapons How Obtained
Balloon Axe Coin Shop
Balloon Bow Coin Shop
Balloon Hammer Coin Shop
Balloon Saw Coin Shop
Balloon Sword Coin Shop
Balloon Wand Coin Shop


To defeat Cakenstein, you must participate in the live minigame in one of the following places:

An in-game announcement, every 15 minutes, will notify you of the town he's attacking!

Once you see the in-game announcement, head to the birthday party celebration in the given town. You should be able to find a crate of Party Fireworks nearby that you can click on. Cakenstein himself will appear in the general vicinity of the party and begin working his way toward it.

Use the number 3 key on your keyboard to assault Cakenstein with the fireworks. It will take several people working together to take down this menace!

After Cakenstein is defeated, a treasure chest will drop, rewarding one random Mystery Gift to everyone that participated!

There will also be Cake-Fight Piles left behind! Stick around and have a fun cake fight with your friends while they last.

Cakenstein in Snowhill
Cakenstein in Snowhill
Party Fireworks
Party Fireworks
Cakenstein in Briarwood
Cakenstein in Briarwood
Cake-Fight Pile
Cake-Fight Pile

Cake-Filled Battles

Two unique battles were introduced with this event. Let the caking begin!

The prize wheels for both battles include event-specific items such as t-shirts, balloons, fireworks and much more. The wheel on the Tier 5 battle also includes a balloon weapon for each job.


Below is a list of items, quests, etc. that were available during the 2011 version of this event, but not in later years.


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