Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey Launches

NCSoft's latest free expansion pack includes new content, level cap removal and more.

Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey has gone live! The free content expansion has launched as part of the game's 11th anniversary celebrations. Level cap has been removed and players are encouraged to explore the latest content.

Key features and content of the expansion include:

  • Level Cap Removed – Players can now achieve level 100 and beyond, taking PvP to a whole new dimension
  • New Skills – With the level cap removal comes new skills for players to learn and master, making them even more powerful than before
  • New Zones – Two new zones, Atelia Fortress and the Garden of Spirits, will become available to players who meet the level requirements. These new zones are designed to test heroes to their utmost, and will prove to be a challenge for even the most seasoned veterans.
  • New Raid Boss – Kelbim, the ruler of the Atelia Fortress, will be one of the greatest challenges the heroes of Aden have ever faced. Armed with a sword forged from the Seal of Calamity and powerful dark iron wings, he is ready to battle anyone who dares to challenge him.

In Infinite Odyssey, players will join Leona Blackbird in her quest to find and free the captured troops of the Blackbird Army. To do so, players will be challenged to journey through new zones and fight a powerful raid boss.

The following 11th anniversary events will also kick off today:

  • A new store update, which includes items not only for the expansion, but also a series of anniversary items. Long-time players will be able to claim a free Veteran Reward pack, and a series of 1NCoin sales will be run each week for the next five weeks to help players celebrate the anniversary.
  • For one month, players can enjoy special server settings, which will provide free teleports, no XP loss on death, and a 50% XP/SP boost

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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