EVE Online: Fanfest Keynote Highlights

Structure updates, new skins, concept art, account security and sleepers are coming.

EVE Online's keynote address was this afternoon, with news focused on EVE's update structure, an art book, new download options and account security.

The shift to many smaller updates worked well for CCP, so the team will continue their focus on updating roughly every five weeks. The larger updates will still be named, and focus will be on features. A new site, updates.eveonline.com, is now up to keep track of update news and progress.

At 11am ET tomorrow, the Limited Edition of a new EVE concept art book will go on sale for $89.

On March 24th, CCP will begin their "Download on Demand" feature. Settings in the launcher will allow you do pre-fetch all of the assets in-game. There will also be an optional setting to download high res textures, if you think your computer can handle them.

Due out on April 28th is the first phase of 2-factor authentication for EVE. This part protects access for websites and account management, with client protection coming later on.

April 29th will see the release of 102 brand new purchaseable skins, bringing the total to 130. Later in 2015 will be the Ghost Fitting feature, which will allow you to save and share a fit of any ship, module or rig, regardless of whether or not you own it.

CCP is looking at redesigning player-owned structures; some of these updates will happen this year. They want them to be "future proof" and expandable. Assembly arrays, research laboratories, drilling platforms, office, market and administration hubs, observatory arrays for intelligence gathering/subterfuge, gates, and advertisement centers (player-built billboards).

Structures will be larger ("a 100km-wide space city), function comes before form, and abandoned stations will look inactive visually. Both mooring and an ejection system will be added. A corporation asset management UI will streamline everything. Anchoring restrictions will be removed at moons and planets. Combat will be jazzed up with player-controlled weapons and drones.

The team then showed a video about the Carolyne Star and "sleepers".

Mysterious forces are reshaping the balance of power in the galaxy, bringing both danger and opportunity to the elite spaceship pilots of New Eden.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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