The Secret World Whispering Tide Event

The battle for Tokyo is underway. Band with other players to take the city back from the coming darkness.

The world tree is being threatened by the evil substance known as "The Filth" and it will be up to the players to push back the coming darkness in the latest Secret World event; The Whispering Tide.

The Tokyo Agartha portal is the source of the Filth that spreads. In order to gain access to Tokyo, players will have to work together to collect resources needed for the on-going battle. The creatures of the Filth won't let their plans be foiled so easily though. The first few tasks in this event are only the beginning of a long event chain that will run until Tokyo has become fully accessible. Once Tokyo is saved, a new Agartha portal will become available to enter and explore.

The battle will become more fierce as time goes on and player-rewards will be distributed based upon participation. So contributing as much as you can to the battle-effort will score you some pretty powerful and unique items. These items consist of clothing, outfits, gear and a unique mini pet, so get out there and start cracking skulls.

The Battle for Tokyo is currently underway in The Secret World, so go show the coming darkness what you're made of! For more information on The Secret World: The Whispering Tide, you can follow this link.

Good Hunting!


Corey "Crimzen" Jenkins

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