Guild Wars 2 Reinvents the Jotun Race

It's a new race spotlight from the folks over at Guild Wars 2, and today's species to come under the microscope is... the Jotun! These fiercely proud giants were once a race of powerful beings, possessing powerful magic and strength. Unfortunately, after beating back all other hostile forces, the Jotun ultimately turned on themselves, waging civil wars based on lineage and blood purity.

These days, the Jotun are (cliche incoming) a shadow of their former selves, as they still possess their strength and massive size, they have all but lost their magical prowess. The Jotun were a race in the original Guild Wars, but they possessed a more savage and unintelligent look. Now, with their transition to Guild Wars 2, the Jotun have taken on a new past that serves to inform their more intelligent and proud nature. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!


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