SOE Outlines How to Win the Galactic Civil War

When Star Wars Galaxies shuts down on December 15, the Galactic Civil War will end with a definitive winner. How will the victor be decided? Sony Online Entertainment just released all sorts of details on how the final winner will be determined, and it all comes down to points.

"The war will be decided by points earned in the planetary control system. Whoever controls the galaxy at the end will win the war," SOE said. Of course, the company has put some systems in place to give hope to the faction that is currently losing the war. For example, points decay over time and more events to earn points will be added as the war ramps up.

Star Wars Galaxies isn't going down without a fight! The war's still on, and both the Rebels and Imperials still have a chance to reign victorious. May the Force be with you!


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