Winds of Change come to Guild Wars!

A new multi-stage storyline with piles of new quests and awesome Samurai-esque costumes for everyone!

With everyone on the edge of their seats, waiting for the day Guild Wars 2 gets a firm release date, ArenaNet has decided to ease the pain of the wait with their new free content pack, Winds of Change, for Guild Wars. In Winds of Change, players will make their way to Cantha, an exotic land filled with exotic threats. This new content update will introduce a new multi-stage storyline with tons of new quests, a few new Canthan costumes (this Samurai and go crazy), and "history-making" battles. ArenaNet also notes that Winds of Change will "set the stage for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 by portraying crucial historical events," so keep an eye out for what's happening if you want to stay informed for Guild Wars 2!


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