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This template should be used on Mob pages if the mob is a merchant. See Category:Merchant.


{{FR Shop

Items are actually output by FR ItemButton.


All of the following parameters have a number, valued 1 to 10, that is represented by n in the following text.


The name of the item.
The name of an Icon to use for this item. Default is the name of the item. This causes the template to look for an image attacked to a page named "name (FR Item Icon)". See Category:Item Icons for all defined icons. Note that icons will only appear in that category IF the page for the icon follows the rules explained at Icon. The icon may or may not be at the correct pagename, but it will not appear in the right category if the rules are not followed. So, every icon page that is used for an item icon in the FR game should have {{Icon|FR|Item}} in the page contents.
Coin price of the item.
Station Cash price of the item. scn is not in the Usage skeleton, but it can be manually added for any line that needs it.
(switch) Any value in this field signifies this is a Members Only item.

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