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To Start: Speak to Farmer Chug in Wilds Farm.
Farmer Chug says,"Howdy Neighbor! I came over to tell ya' that there have been reports of crop-eatin' swarms of bugs flyin' through the wilds.

Huh!? Oh no! Run over to your tool shed and grab your Bug Sprayer! Quickly before they get your crops! "

This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Stars 20 
  • Use your Bug Sprayer to get rid of the bugs! – 0/8
  • Return to Farmer Chug.
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This quest is available at Farm Level 7.

You can actually receive this quest at Farm Level 6 if you visit a friend's farm. However, you cannot use the bug sprayer until Farm Level 7 and clicking on the swarms does nothing. We suggest refraining from picking up this quest before level 7!

Closing Dialogue

Farmer Chug says, "Nicely done partner! You made quick work of those pests. Bugs always give me the creeps with their little legs, and their little antennae, and them always tryin' to eat my crops. *shudder* There's nothin' I like about them, no-sir-ee-bob."

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