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To Start: Speak to Burgl in Forest Troll Village.
Burgl says,"Bah... Where is that boy Tooga? I sent him to Wuga hours ago to get food and water and he hasn't returned. Probably sleeping somewhere he is!

Can you go talk to Wuga and get our food? If you should find out what happened to Tooga that'd be great too! "

Burgl's workers are hungry. He sent Tooga off to get food and water from Wuga in the camp nearby but he never returned. Burgl wants you to go get the food for his miners.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Coins 61 
  • Speak to Wuga
  • Bonus: Find out what happened to Tooga
  • Collect barrel of water
  • Speak to Nog
  • Return to Burgl
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Tooga's Location
Tooga's Location
Tooga is found west of the Forest Troll Village. Completing the bonus does not seem to give any additional reward.

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