fr quest:Sandstorm's Grand Opening  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Bill Riddly in Sandstorm Speedway.
Bill Riddly says,"Welcome to Sandstorm Speedway! Well, as you can tell, this place is new and not quite hoppin' with excitement yet.

I bet people that signed up for Email Blasts know of some good people to bring over.

Will you help me find them? "

With the opening of the new Speedway at Seaside, Bill Riddly would like to sttract more competitors there.

You can help him out! Sign up for the Email Blasts from Free Realms for hints on who to invite.

This is an Errand quest.

Blast Speedster:
  • Talk to the person in Riddle #1
  • Talk to the person in Riddle #2
  • Talk to the person in Riddle #3
  • Return to Bill Riddly
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We don't know the riddles yet as the e-mail has not been sent out, but here are the answers, courtesy of MarisolBluesurf:

Blast Speedster (Kart Driver)

ZAM would like to thank MarisolBluesurf for some of the information in this article.

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