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To Start: Speak to Reginald in Briarwood Farm.
Reginald says,"The loved the dishes... too much in fact! They're on a rampage, eating any veggie or fruit in sight!

You've got to stop them! I wonder if dousing them with water will work, like it did on me? "

Hose the shamblers down before they wreck the farm!

Stars 20 
  • Douse the Shamblers! - 0/8
  • Speak to Reginald
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Click on the Raging Shamblers that appear on your farm.

Closing Dialogue

Reginald says, "Well, that seems to have worked, for now. Geez, what do I do?"

Farming: Be Careful What You Wish For Briarwood Farm
Quest Series
Farming: He Told You So
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