fr quest:Brother's Keeper  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Greta in Queensfields.
Greta says,"Have you seen my little brother, Hans? We were picking berries and he wandered off.

I am going to get in so much trouble. Can you please help me find him? He shouldn't be too far from here. "

Find Greta's brother in the wilds west of Sanctuary
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 30 
  • Find Hans
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Atlas Location
Atlas Location
Greta is on the road that winds around the west of Sanctuary. Hans is to the southwest, up on some boulders.

Quest Series
A Bounty of Berries
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The names of the boy and girl in this quest are a reference to the Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale, "Hansel and Gretel".

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