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To Start: Speak to Smoggo in Bristlewood.
Smoggo says,"The new camp is going to be so great! More and more chugs are joining us every day.

It's not quite like our Royal Guard days, but we're doing our part to make the area safer for everyone.

Can you ask Sergeant Cargug when we're going to lay out the new camp? "

Sergeant Cargug was supposed to send word about the new camp. You can find him near the entrance to Nettleseed.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 2 
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Sergeant Cargug tells you, "We found a promising camp spot, but the fungaloids we fight off keep coming back. It might take us another moon or so before we pitch the tents. Those overgrown fungi are scary!"

If you have a combat job at level 13 or higher, you can pick up the quest Overgrown Fungi from Sergeant Cargug, if you haven't already.

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