fr quest:Peep's Missing Bowl  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Uncle Irving in Farnum's Farm.
Uncle Irving says,"Those thieving hooligans hid poor little Peep's dog bowl again! I haven't had the heart to tell Bo yet.

Do you think you could look around the farmstead and see if you can find where they hid Peep's bowl? "

The hooligans have stolen Peep's dog bowl. Uncle Irving has asked you to see if you can find it.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 7 
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Places Where the Bowl Can Be

A quest marker will appear once you get about 80m or so from the bowl. The known locations so far are:

  1. Behind the trees directly east of Uncle Irving
  2. Up the hill to the southeast of Uncle Irving, behind a fallen log
  3. At Anne and Andy's tents
  4. Behind a tree stump directly east of Henry
  5. On the north side of the sheep pen, by the trees, near Cleetus Farnum
  6. On the north side of Pappy Farnum's house

Farnum's Farm
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