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To Start: Speak to Cuttensnip in Thistlerow.
Cuttensnip says,"I never used to get lost in the Snarling Hedges, but new maze walls have been appearing out of thin air.

I tried to trim them, but a vine golem attacked me.

If you could go cut down these fake walls in the Snarling Hedges, I would be most grateful. "

Cuttensnip has asked you to clear out the fake hedges clogging up the Snarling Hedges.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Coins 19 
  • Cut down the budding vines - (0/8)
  • Return to Cuttensnip
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Budding Vine
Budding Vine
There are a total of eight budding vines inside the Snarling Hedges.

The first four vines are intermixed within the original hedge maze that you load into the dungeon in.

The last four vines are close to, and inside of, the second hedge maze near the boss mob.

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