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To Start: Speak to Buttercup Webbywand in Briarwood.
Buttercup Webbywand says,"Help! Every time I try to explore Briarwood a troll captures my pet spider and runs into Grexan's Camp.

I can't take on a whole camp of trolls myself! Will you please rescue him for me? "

Every time Buttercup Webbywand tries exploring Briarwood a troll captures her pet spider! She may be a wizard, but she's not skilled enough to take on a while camp of trolls. She wants you to help her rescue her spider.
This is a Combat quest. This quest is repeatable. Membership is required to begin this quest.

Save Buttercup Webbywand's spider from Grexan's Camp.
  1. Defeat the Sleepy Trainer!
  2. Save the Spider
  3. Return to Buttercup Webbywand
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Buttercup is located just outside the tunnel that leads to Grexan's Camp, up from the Briarwood Warpstone.

Wait until you have completed the instance before attacking the Sleepy Trainer, as once you get the Spider following you he can easily get killed or caught on the landscape. However, neither will prevent you from getting your reward, as the quest only requires that you release him.

Note: I have run through this quite a few times with the Ninja contract, and I have found that you can kill the Sleeping Trainer and even click on the cocoon, but as long as you do not actually 'click' on the Sleepy Spider she stays asleep and stays put, keeping her alive. Once all mobs are dead run back and click on her so she will follow you to the exit door.

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