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To Start: Speak to Ree Peatpants in Snowhill.
Ree Peatpants says,"Chloe's weekly reports indicate that she is having troubles with Cray Marauders. She's also concerned about hostile ninjas lurking about.

Please take care of them, as soon as you are able. "

Ree Peatpants has asked you to defeat Cray Marauders and Fleetfoot Ninjas.
This is a Combat quest. This quest is repeatable. This quest will advance the Ninja job.

  • Coins 30 Stars 175 
As a ninja, defeat Cray Marauders and Fleetfoot Ninjas.
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Cray Marauders can be found wandering around the ruins or in Cracked Claw Caverns in Blackspore Swamp.

Fleetfoot Ninjas are near the small pond in southern Greenwood Forest.

Ninja: Achieve Level 10 Ninja
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