fr quest:Barrels of Fun  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Bubaba in Bristlewood.
Bubaba says,"Do you think you could help me get my Sweetwater Saspiralla shipment back?

The delivery man got scared and lost several barrels somewhere in Thistlerow. "

The delivery man got scared and dropped Bubaba's Sasparilla barrels somewhere in Thistlerow. Fond them.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 75 
Find Bubaba's barrels of sasparilla in the hedge maze known as Thistlerow.
  • Find the barrels of sasparilla - (0/4)
  • Return to Bubaba
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Barrel of Sasparilla
Barrel of Sasparilla
  • Two barrels are in the northern part of the maze (one by the exit to Bristlewood)
  • One barrel is in the center of the maze
  • One barrel is in the southern part of the maze, somewhat east of Snarling Hedges

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