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To Start: Speak to Orson in Briarwood.
Orson says,"I'm not surprised that Vicki turned on us. She always seemed kinda greedy to me.

Don't worry though, we'll catch her. Reports indicate she was last seen near the border to Nettleseed. You should start your search there. "

Orson wants you to search around Briarwood to see if Vicki is here to collect more toads to smuggle. Return to Orson if you find her.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Archer job.

You must find Vicki! Reports indicate that she was last seen near the border to Nettleseed.
  1. Find Vicki and talk to her
  2. Talk to Vicki's accomplice
  3. Defeat Smugglers as an archer - 0/10
  4. Return to Orson in Briarwood
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Note: This quest expands as your progress through it.

You will find Vicki, standing next to her Pixie Accomplice, to the north side of the path in Bristlewood before entering Nettleseed. She is across the path North from the Bristlewood Warpstone, and she would be easily visible from the Warpstone but there is a large mushroom blocking her from view, so veer around the mushroom to the left and then veer right again while going north and there's Vicki. (She is not marked on your map but the Direction Indicators will show her once you get close!)

Her accomplice gives away info about smuggling in the Croaking Vale. After speaking with Vicki and her accomplice, they will vanish. Defeat smugglers by locating a Shady Smuggler and entering the Shady Smugglers! battle.

(As a brand new 15 Archer I had to run this battle 2x to get 10 smugglers, as even with loads of potions and stunning I could not stay alive long enough to defeat the boss and complete this battle.)

Finally, return to Orson.

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