Mod 2's -- sometimes called time mods -- include a few different things such as: shielding, spell-shielding, avoidance, dot-shielding, stun resist, combat effects, accuracy, and strikethrough. Each mod provides a different effect, and has a different cap.

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Defensive Mods

  • Shielding caps at 35%, and reduces melee damage. It is not a straight % off damage; it mitigates the portion of melee damage which is not affected by AC. Melee damage consists of two components, DB(Damage Base) and DI (Damage Interval). AC mitigates DI damage and has no effect on DB damage whatsoever. Shielding, on the other hand, mitigates DB damage and has no effect on DI.

  • Spell-shielding caps at 35%, and reduces direct spell damage by the % SS that you have.

  • Dot-shielding caps at 35%, and reduces damage over time spell damage by the % Dot-shielding that you have.

  • Stun-shield caps at 35%, and will give you a chance to completely resist stuns equivalent to the % stun-shield that you have.

  • Avoidance caps at 100, and gives you an increased chance to avoid melee attacks. Insert detailed explanation here.

Offensive Mods

  • Strikethrough caps at 35% and adds a flat % chance for you to successfully connect an attack when any defensive check (parry/block, dodge, riposte in that order) is successfully made on your swing.

  • Accuracy caps at 150, and gives you an increase chance to successfully hit with both melee and ranged.

  • Combat effects increases your Proc rate, and caps at 100. TEN CE is approximately equivalent to 1 rank of the aa WA. (A rank of WA is ~10% more procs)

SOF Mods

  • +Spell adds damage to all DD's, and is currently not capped. It does not effect DOTs, this is intentional.

  • Clairvoyance gives you one mana per clairvoyance back on every cast, and is currently not capped. Though you can never get back more mana than you spent casting the spell.

  • DS Mitigation is capped at 25. One point of damage shield mitigation = you take one less damage from any damage shield.

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