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Seeds of Destruction
The Seeds of Destruction expansion is required to access this content.
Live: October 21, 2008
Since several people seem to be having trouble with how the essences work in creating SoD visible armor a more simple presentation is in order.

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Understanding Essences

First let's break down the three parts of the name of an essence, so that it's more easy to identify which one you're looking for. Each essence has a three word name such as Phased Seminal Luminessence or Phased Seminal Incandessence. The first word, in this case Phased, tells you what slots the armor goes into. The armor set is split into five different groups, Wrists and Hands, Feet and Head, Arms and Legs, and Chest. Wrists and Hands will are always Fractured, Feet and Head are always Warped, Arms and Legs are always Distorted, and Chest pieces are always Phased.

The second word shows you which tier the armor is for. There are three tiers worth of essences that drop. Tier 3, Seminal, drops in the Field of Scale theme zones (Field of Scale, Kurn's Tower, Kaesora Hatchery, and Kaesora Library). Tier 4, Medial, drops in the Rathe theme zones (Toskirakk, Korascian Warrens, and The Rathe Council Chambers). Tier 5, Eternal, drops in the Kuua theme zones (The Bloodfields and City of Dranik).

The third word determines which stat set the armor will go off of. I haven't gotten this down to a science but depending on whether you use the Incandessence or the Luminessence in your combine you will get a different armor piece.

Now I know that this is rather hard to swallow, so a graphical layout follows.

Seminal Medial Eternal
Fractured Tier 3 Wrist/Hands Tier 4 Wrist/Hands Tier 5 Wrist/Hands
Warped Tier 3 Head/Feet Tier 4 Head/Feet Tier 5 Head/Feet
Distorted Tier 3 Arms/Legs Tier 4 Arms/Legs Tier 5 Arms/Legs
Phased Tier 3 Chest Tier 4 Chest Tier 5 Chest

Making Your Armor

The next most pressing question is what do you do with the essences in order to get your gear. For Tier 3 you combine your Essence with a Tinea that corresponds with the slot that you are filling. Tineas are bought in the Void as you progress from VoidA on up to VoidE you will be able to get access to another level of Tinea. In VoidA you can get the Wrist/Hands pieces, in VoidB you can get the Head/Feet pieces, in VoidC you can get the Arms/Legs pieces, and in VoidD you can get the Chest piece.

Armor Piece Tinea Void
Wrist Silenced Mutating Tinea A
Hands Quiet Mutating Tinea A
Head Whispering Mutating Tinea B
Feet Hushed Mutating Tinea B
Arms Rustling Mutating Tinea C
Legs Humming Mutating Tinea C
Chest Murmuring Mutating Tinea D

In order to upgrade your gear to Tier 4/5 you need to combine your existing armor piece in a Temporal Molting Cell which is bought in VoidE.

Understanding the Armor

Now the final question, what armor does all the above give me. Well the armor names can be split up just like with the essence names. The first word has to do with what level the armor is and what the effects are. The second word has to do with the specific class. The third word is the armor class (plate, silk, leather, chain). The fourth is the type of armor (writs, arms, legs, etc.).

Class Name
Bard Dreamwhisper Plate
Beastlord Savagecry Leather
Berserker Battlescar Chain
Cleric Mindhallow Plate
Druid Earthborn Leather
Enchanter Thoughthaze Silk
Magician Forcemeld Silk
Monk Windstruck Leather
Necromancer Lifefalter Silk
Paladin Firesoul Plate
Ranger Truespirit Chain
Rogue Shadowshift Chain
Shadowknight Ashenheart Plate
Shaman Willsear Chain
Warrior Ironbone Plate
Wizard Frostblaze Silk

Upgrading Armor Tiers

Now that you hopefully understand a bit better how the armor is distinguished and how you can find out what you need in order to create your pieces it's time for the harder lesson, what the combinations of essences and your gear will get you.

To see what your class set is for one of the armor sets below simply search for that set name and your class type (Concordant Frostblaze Silk, Balanced Shadowshift Chain, Inflicted Mindhallow Plate, etc.).

Tier 3 Armor Set
Seminal Luminessence Concordant
Seminal Incandessence Discordant

Tier 4 Concordant Armor Discordant Armor
Medial Luminessence Vested Balanced
Medial Incandessence Balanced Chaotic

Tier 5 Vested Armor Balanced Armor Chaotic Armor
Eternal Luminessence Ordained Tarnished Tainted
Eternal Incandessence Tarnished Tainted Inflicted

And that's it! Hope that this clears up a lot of the confusion there is about SoD armor, how to get it and what you're getting.

Upgrading SoF Armor

In all void versions you can purchase a Silenced Tinea Deviation Chamber. You can combine wrist armor pieces inside this to rotate through different focus effects.

If you have a piece of prismatic crystallos group armor from SoF (and ONLY prismatic, just one element won't work) you can use this in place of tier 3. The catch is you need to have access to Void E to do this. Zeb sells 3 new containers, Prismatic Luminescent Mutation Nexus, Prismatic Incandescent Mutation Nexus, and Prismatic Fluorescent Mutation Nexus. You will combine your prismatic armor along with a Medial essence to create a piece of tier 4 armor.

Mutation Nexus Medial Luminessence Medial Incandessence
Luminescent Vested (doesn't combine)
Fluorescent Balanced Balanced
Incandescent (doesn't combine) Chaotic



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