Thugawug Thug! (FR Battle)  

Thugawug Thug!
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Thugawug Thug! center

Click on Thugawug Thug to begin this battle.

A ruthless band of thugawugs are hanging out here! Head in and defeat them!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 87 Stars 96 

Primary: Defeat the Thugawug Thug.Coins 22 Stars 12 

Don't get knocked out 3 times!
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There are three waves of three mobs each from the various camps that you must defeat before the Thug becomes open to battle. Until you have defeated these waves you cannot damage him.

  • First are the Thugawug Ruffians, not too hard to kill but annoying.
  • Second are the Thugawug Rowdy, who stun and hit very hard.
  • Third and last are the Thugawug Goons, who stun for longer and hit very hard.
  • The Thugawug Thug will begin to attack you during the last wave if you do not finish off the Goons quickly enough.

This battle is not for the faint of heart. I suggest lots of potions and a few friends to finish these thugs off!

Thugawug Thug Camp

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