The Manduri's Secret (Aion Quest)  

Elyos Campaign
Elyos Only
Cannot be shared.
Cannot be abandoned.
Start Zone: Eltnen
Start Place: Eltnen Fortress
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Speak with Telemachus in Eltnen at Eltnen Fortress .
Level 21 The Manduri's Secret
  1. Talk with Aurelius.
  2. Hunt Manduri (0/6).
  3. Report to Aurelius.
  4. Talk with Archelaos.
  5. Find Paper Glider.
  6. Find Melginie.
  7. Escort Melginie to Celestine.
  8. Talk with Celestine.
  9. Report to Aurelius.
Order: The Manduri have become increasingly violent and have started to attack Eltnen residents. Meet Aurelius and see what needs doing.
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All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

Quest Notes

Find Paper Glider - There are several paper gliders on the ground in the area of the Manduri Stores. Any one of them will do.

Manduri Stores is at the building icon on the map, in the east area of Manduri Forest.

Melginie - spawns in the rear-left corner of the building to the back-right of the Stores, at 828.4, 2611.1, 240.1. You must escort her to Celestine, who is at the Spring, just to the west of the Stores. Only one person can get the update at a time, 5 min respawn (roughly), and there is always a line. Please wait your turn! There is also one Manduri Fighter who spawns in the alcove on the right, on about the same timer. This is a group update, so if many are waiting, for Aion's sake, group up and do this 6 at a time!

Escorting Melginie to Seora - Melginie follows much better than Poppy did, but if you get too far outside the direct line from Manduri Stores to Mystic Spring she will break and go back to Manduri Stores.

Elyos Campaign
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