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Lord of the Rings Online

Hi all! When fishing went live on Thursday, April 24, 2008 I started this post to collect all possible information about LOTRO's first hobby. I update it frequently as new info comes to light. Many thanks to all the folks who are providing such great notes & feedback, as well as those who helped the original Roheryn post. Any and all new info is very welcome.

Note: There is a ~10-level-per-day cap, with an apparent max level of 200. The cap appears to reset about midnight Eastern (-4 GMT). There should be many more fish types to be added to the charts, along with titles, maybe even deeds, once people get high enough levels.

For the record, I started this post 7:15PM Sunday April 20, 2008, 3rd day into the Roheryn Book 13 patched release. I began this post at Fishing Skill 31.

SPOILER ALERT: For those who want to be surprised about the new denizens of the deep you'll be able to snag as your skills advance, avert thy eyes.

To learn the Fishing Hobby Skill, simply go to your local Hobby Master. (See locations below under Hobby Masters, Vendors, and Quests.) They will teach you how to fish, give you a basic fishing pole, and give you a short quest to find the local Fishing Supplier. Then just find a body of water and start fishing! A quick way to find where you can fish is to look at our database's lists of Lakes, Rivers and Streams.

How do I fish?

Equip your Fishing Pole (it is a 2-hander so takes both your main and off hand slots). Put the Fishing skill icon in a Quickslot. Now, just be near a body of water and press the Fishing key once to start fishing, again to reel it in. After casting, wait until you see the float and the pole bob, indicating a hit. You now have about 1.5 seconds to press the Fishing key again. If you see a second splash before you press Fishing, you lost it!

Every so often you will see a fish jump out of the water across your float. If you did not see the float move, that is not a hit!

The higher the level of the fish you catch the more Experience you get for the catch. Trash such as weeds and rusty weapons give no experience. At levels 1-10 you should level up every 4 to 5 catches.

What Can I Catch?

Here is a list of known catches. (Rare varieties are in another table below.) If your fishing level is less than or equal to the "Trivial" number, you gain 1 fishing level for the catch—if you haven't reached your daily cap.

We are not sure when, but it appears most "trash" results have been removed from the game.Unverified[1]

I got a big one!
I got a big one!
1Weeds 1cnone --
1Goldfish 1c 5
5Rusty Dagger 1cnone --
6Minnow 1c 20
10Bitterling 1c ~30
10Ball of Gunk 2cnone --
10+Salmon<s>see Trophy Fish25cTrophyvaries
17Charr 1c ~40
21Dace 3cCook recipe60
27Barbel 1c ~60
31Smelt 1c ~71
35Catfish 5cCook recipe80
50Rudd 1c 90
50Rusty Hammer 1cnone --
55Bullhead 1c 100
58+Darter<s>see Trophy Fish25cTrophyvaries
60+Trout<s>see Trophy Fish25cTrophyvaries
62+Sturgeon<s>see Trophy Fish25cTrophyvaries
65Old Boot 2c --
66Grayling 13c 111
77Houting 13c 120
86Perch 13cCook recipe~132
90Rusty Mace 1cnone --
99Three-spined Stickleback 13c 140
106Nine-spined Stickleback 13c 150
110Drift-Wood 1s 70c --
117Golden Mullet 13cCook recipe160
125Rusty Sword 1cnone --
125Flounder 13cCook recipe170
140Carp 13c 180
148Pike 13cnone190
149Dirty Skull 1s 70cnone --
156Largemouth Bass 13cCook recipeMax
172Rusty Axe 1cnone --

Trophy Fish

Many fish have a rare "trophy" counterpart with a nifty name (Giant Goldfish, Magnificent Minnow, etc.) that can be caught, starting a few levels above the regular fish. If you catch one (you'll know it - the text is purple), a Fishing Taxidermist (there's one in Bree-Town near the vault, at Whitethorn's Taxidermy) will mount it free as a wall decoration for your home. The decorations are tradeable, so a potential moneymaker if rare enough. Check out the taxidermist to see what trophies are available. And check out this fantastic link from borgiered with pictures of all known trophies to date!

Trophy Fish for Decorations
Giant Goldfish Barbarous Barbel Gleaming Grayling
Great Golden Mullet Magnificent Minnow Superb Smelt
Huge Houting
Fantastic Flounder
Bright Bitterling
Cunning Catfish
Perfect Perch
Courageous Carp
Colourful Charr
Ruthless Rudd
Tricky 3-Spined
Perfect Pike
Delightful Dace
Brawny Bullhead
Nasty 9-Spine
Big Mouth Bass

Zone-Specific Fish and their Variants

Most fish can be caught virtually everywhere. But a few species offer several variants, related both to fishing levels and zone. To catch them, you must be the appropriate fishing level and fishing in an appropriate zone of the world. Since they're quite rare, numbers are still iffy as of 5/7. If you catch any of the fish shown below (or a new one not shown), please feel free to post what it was, what level you were, and where you were. Here is a preliminary breakdown. Approximate min. fishing level ("FL") is in parentheses. So far all appear to be worth 25c each. None appears to have any use other than mounting for a trophy.

FishLow ZonesMid ZonesMid-High ZonesHigh ZonesSpecial Rewards
Ered Luin, Shire, BreeLone Lands, North DownsEvendim, TrollshawsForochel, Angmar
Salmon<s>2-pound Salmon (10)
15-pound Salmon (50)
4-pound Salmon (11)
20-pound Salmon (70)
40-pound Salmon (170)
6-pound Salmon (30)
30-pound Salmon (80)
10-pound Salmon (40)
40-pound Salmon (100)
50-pound Salmon (151)
Specific trophy for each fish
Deed: Salmon King
Title: Salmon King
Darter<s>Redfin Darter (60)
Bandfin Darter (65)
Greenfin Darter (60)
Blackfin Darter (85)
Splendid Darter (100)
Longfin Darter (80)
Bloodfin Darter (87)
Orangefin Darter (70)
Firebelly Darter (90)
Darter Group Trophy
Deed: Darter-Master
Title: Darter-master
Trout<s>Brown Trout (60)
Speckled Trout (85)
Lake Trout (95)
Bull Trout (80)
Red Spotted Trout (80)
Cutthroat Trout (75)
Rainbow Trout (90)
Redband Trout (70)
Golden Trout (90)
Trout Group Trophy
Deed: Trout-Master
Title: Trout-master
Sturgeon<s>Dwarf Sturgeon (60)
Shovelnose Sturgeon (80)
Shortnose Sturgeon (69)
Pallid Sturgeon (80)
Green Sturgeon (75)
Lake Sturgeon (88)
White Sturgeon (100)
Fringebarbel Sturgeon (70)
Starry Sturgeon (90)
Deed: Sturgeon-master
Title: Sturgeon-master


Bait has been removed from the game.

Equipment and Gear

So far, gear is all cosmetic. No clothing known yet that adds any fishing buff.

'' Note on poles: Through Level 132, evidence suggests that good poles only make a real difference at lowest levels. There is also zero evidence that poles with a bonus let you catch above your level. Still testing. See Catch Test section.

Important NPCs

Hobby Masters

  • Michel Delving, Bird & Baby Inn - Estmar Bolger, starts you fishing with quest to find Misty Bolger in Bywater
  • Rivendell, Last Homely House - Haldor, starts you fishing with quest to find Garbert in Tal Bruinen
  • Bree, Scholars' Stair Archives - Henry Oakeshott, starts you fishing with quest to find Joy Bloomer in Staddle
  • Thorin's Hall, near Bard - Refkell, starts you fishing with quest to find Nokki S. of Noglond

Fishing Suppliers

Quest Givers

Titles and Levels

Recipes Involving Fishing


Fried Dace w/Mushrooms

Stats: Apprentice (+2 Will, +6 if critted), recipe from Novice Cook

Catfish Cakes

Stats: Cooking, Journeyman (+6 Will, +14 if critted), recipe from Novice Cook

Perch Fillet

Stats: Expert (+12 Will, +23 if critted),recipe from Expert Cook

Golden Mullet Chowder

Stats: Artisan (+18 Will, +32 if critted), recipe from Expert Cook

Bass with Carrots and Onions

Stats: Master (+24 Will, +41 if critted), recipe from Expert Cook

Flounder with Bacon

Stats: Artisan (146 Morale & 110 Power every 30 sec/300 sec), recipe from Forochel Rep Supplier Rusu --Friend Standing

Baked Flounder

Stats: Artisan (146 Morale every 30 sec for 300 sec),recipe from Forochel Rep Supplier Rusu --Ally Standing

Flounder Fillet

Stats: Artisan (110 Power every 30 sec for 300 sec),recipe from Forochel Rep Supplier Rusu --Kindred Standing

Special/Unique Fishing Locations and Catches


  • Ettenmoors: UPDATED! All are fishable except for possibly Deed Fish (darter, trout, salmon, sturgeon). There appears to be a higher fish/weeds ratio (weeds being weeds, boots, skulls, etc.)
  • Dungeon Instances: All appear to be fishable, catching the normal range of fish as well as appropriate zone-specific fish
  • The Rift: Want to fish next to the Balrog? No problem, catch the full range in Thaurlach's pool
  • Forochel, Western side near wrecked ship: "Where water bubbles & boils" catch Icebay Salmon for Forochel Rep (see Quests above)


  • Thorin's Hall Rep Area: NPC describes "legendary" fish where he's fishing, no more info



  • AH "Hobbies" Section not showing anything: In AH, searching at "Hobbies" level is empty. Must drill down to Fishing or go up to the whole AH
  • Carn Dum Fishing: Even though the waters in Carn Dum are insta-death to players, they can still be fished for a nice range of healthy catches!
  • Trophy Plaques Disappearing: Sometimes trophies placed in homes have their plaques disappear, leaving only the fish visible; hook issue?


  • Missing Hobby Master in Celondim/Duillond: All other starter zones get one, but not the Elf starter zone; seems there should be


  • Forochel Rep Supplier Recipes: Forochel Rep Supplier sells better recipes at lower reputation level, worse recipes at higher
  • Hobby Text in Character Panel: Only describes the way a hobbit can spend a lazy but productive day, seems a dis on elves, humans, and dwarves

Fishing Catch Tests on Live Server

In order to keep this page size down, all early tests have been removed to this post. The tests below are in chronological order, most recent at the top.

(18) Test by Aethelberht of nightcrawler vs. no bait. 7/24-26. Bridgefields, lvl 200, +5 pole, 100 catches each. Details here.

With nightcrawler: Junk - 13%; Regular - 55%; Trophy - 6%; Rare/25c - 1%; Recipe - 25%
Without any bait: Junk - 15%; Regular - 55%; Trophy - 6%; Rare/25c - 0%; Recipe - 24%

Conclusion: Meh. No significant difference between the two at all. There's still no consistent indication at all that bait works at all, on any level. More tests to follow, just to drive the point home to Turbine if for no other reason!

(17) Test by Aethelberht of nightcrawler vs. no bait. 5/26. Bywater, lvl 200, +5 pole, 100 catches each. Details here.

With nightcrawler: Junk - 13%; Regular - 58%; Trophy - 3%; Rare/25c - 0%; Recipe - 26%
Without any bait: Junk - 16%; Regular - 56%; Trophy - 7%; Rare/25c - 0%; Recipe - 21%

Conclusion: Wow. Very similar results to the previous test (#16 below) with the same conditions. With nightcrawler, twice in a row I've gotten fewer trophies but more recipe fish. This seems pretty interesting. Definitely worth yet another test.

(16) Test by Aethelberht of nightcrawler vs. no bait. 5/20. Bywater, lvl 200, +5 pole, 100 catches each. Details here.

With nightcrawler: Junk - 14%; Regular - 53%; Trophy - 3%; Rare/25c - 0%; Recipe - 30%
Without any bait: Junk - 10%; Regular - 54%; Trophy - 10%; Rare/25c - 1%; Recipe - 25%

Conclusion: Well, with bait my trophies & rares went down the drain, junk was up. But there -is- that recipe spike. Worth a second identical test.

(15) Ongoing tests by Telab to look at catch-type averages over time. Test updated 5/14. Latest details here. Starting at level 70 Telab has level-capped, made 100 catches, and recorded overall spread of catches. Currently at 800 catches.

(14) Test by Aethelberht of +5 pole vs. +0 pole. 5/11. SE Forochel, lvl 172, no bait, 100 catches each. Details here.

With +5 pole: Junk - 12%; Regular - 49%; Trophy - 12%; Rare/25c - 1%; Recipe - 26%
With +0 pole: Junk - 9%; Regular - 64%; Trophy - 8%; Rare/25c - 2%; Recipe - 17%

Conclusion: +0 pole gave less junk and more rares, but less trophy & less recipe. Adding this one to the record without trying to draw conclusions.

(13) Test by Aethelberht of red wiggler vs. no bait, 5/8. Eavespires (NW Evendim), lvl 152, +0 pole, 100 catches each. Details here.

With red wiggler: Junk - 16%; Regular - 55%; Trophy 7%; Recipe 21%; Rare/25c - 1%; high-level fish caught - 19
Without any bait: Junk - 11%; Regular - 55%; Trophy 10%; Recipe 23%; Rare/25c - 1%; high-level fish caught - 21

Conclusion: Still no consistent evidence that bait has any positive effect at all.

(12) Ongoing tests of +0 pole vs. +5 pole leveling alts from 1 to 11. Test updated 5/6. Details here. I have begun to create alts with the sole purpose of levelling their fishing skill from 1 to 11, then destroying and recreating them. There will be an equal number of tests using a +0 pole and a +5 pole. Any and all anglers are welcome to post their results; I'll keep the tally together on the details page. Conclusion: Still testing.

(11) Test by Rillas of +5 pole vs. +0 pole, 5/4. Falathlorn, Ered Luin. 100 catches, Level 111, no bait. Details here.

With +5 pole: Junk - 17; Regular fish - 62; Trophy fish - 5; Rare/25c fish - 2; Recipe fish - 14
With +0 pole: Junk - 18; Regular fish - 52; Trophy fish - 8; Rare/25c fish - 2; Recipe fish - 20

Conclusion: No evidence of better catches with +5 pole.

- Harry
Aethelberht, Hobbit Burglar Level 38; Celebraith, Elf Hunter Level 16; Gurdimon, Roheryn Test-Toon, on Sabbatical
Best LOTRO suggestion ever: Hayoo's Tavern Revelries

This page was derived from a guide originally posted on our Lord of the Rings Online site, written by aethelberht.

  1. ^ it was noted, "This statement is unverified." If you can confirm or refute this, please edit the page and do so.

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