FR Quest:Wanderwings' Third Riddle  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Wanderwings in Wilds North.
Wanderwings says,"Well dagnabit, I like you more every time I see you! Here's the next one:

My first letter was taken away, but I'm just the same. Away with my last letter, and same I remain. Now take the rest of them away, and I am unchanged.

What am I? Seek your answer at the Crossroads! Get to it! "

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  • Coins 30 
Answer Wanderwings' third riddle!
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Crossroads Mailbox
Crossroads Mailbox
There is a warpstone straight to Crossroads. If you don't have that warpstone yet, just follow the path south from Sanctuary.

What could it be? A postman who delivers letters? Well, close...

It's a mailbox! You'll see it in front of the Tavern, near the road, just north of the center of Crossroads.

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