FR Quest:Wanderwings' Second Riddle  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Wanderwings in Wilds North.
Wanderwings says,"That's the spirit! Ok:

Like a bacon I sizzle, made with an egg,
Fast as lightning I move, minus any leg.
Like an onion for stew, layers I peel,
Yet whole I remain, no pain do I feel.

What am I? Seek your answer around Queensfields. Good Luck! "

Answer Wanderwings' second riddle!
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  • Coins 30 
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A Snake
A Snake
The easiest way to Queensfields is by using the warpstone to Sanctuary. The fields are that entire farming expanse right outside the town!

Well, no legs, layers are peeled... it must be a snake, right?

Yes, indeed, it is! Running southward down the path from Sanctuary, the snake is on the far side of the first big tree you see to the west.

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