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To Start: Speak to Wanderwings in Wilds North.
Wanderwings says,"I've been wandering so long that my wings gave out, but my noggin is still as sharp as ever! See if you can solve my riddle:

While walking through a house of hay, I picked up something to eat today. Feather, bone, flesh, or fish, None of these describes this dish.

What is it? Seek your answer near Farnum Farmstead. "

Answer Wanderwings' riddle!
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An Egg
An Egg
The easiest way to Farnum Farmstead is by warping to the tower defense or harvesting minigames at the farm.

No feathers, no bones, no flesh, and no fish! That leaves plants, right?

Wrong! It's an egg, up the hill from the farmstead, right near the well and harvesting locations!

When you return, Wanderwings says, "Hahaha! You got it! An egg! Well done! But hold on now, I was just getting warmed up! How 'bout another one?"

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