FR Quest:Wanderwings' Last Riddle  

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To Start: Speak to Wanderwings in Wilds North.
Wanderwings says,"If you can figure this one out then I've got something special to give to you!

I have streets without pavement, and cities but no buildings. I have forests without trees, and rivers with no water. But oh, do I have legends for you!

What am I? Seek your answer at the Frost Ridge Speedway! "

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  • Coins 135 
Answer Wanderwings' last riddle!
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A Map
A Map
The Frost Ridge Speedway is almost directly north of where Wanderwings is.

Well, this one is a bit more obscure, and the only possible explanation for the riddle is that it's something written on paper. Put together everything and you have.. a map!

You'll find the map just west of the demolition derby side of the speedway.

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