FR Quest:I'm Chopping Mad  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Old Corky in Nettleseed.
Old Corky says,"There is one final task I must burden you with.

I would like to live in peace with the chugawugs but this cannot continue so long as they use my brethren for firewood or shelter.

Teach them a lesson. Enter the Tanglewood Fort, recover several axes, and then bring them back to me. "

Old Corky wants you to enter the Tanglewood Fort and recover several axes.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Collect axes from the Tanglewood Fort.
  • Collect several axes - (0/10)
  • Return to Old Corky
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Crate of Axes
Crate of Axes
You must have at least one combat job at level 15 to receive this quest.

Old Corky can be found in Nettleseed, south-east of the entrance to Tanglewood Fort.

You are looking for ten crates of axes inside the fort. Each are marked with a green dot on the mini-map, so if you pass one, you should be able to easily run back to pick it up. Not much is aggressive in the fort, as it is more of a test of might to prove yourself worthy of passage then anything. Just beware of rolling boulders and disgruntled warthogs!

The reward you receive for helping out Old Corky is a Faintly Glowing Pink Diamond Shard.

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