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To Start: Speak to Merigold in Highroad Junction.
Merigold says,"Auguste Frydaze could really use an assistant to help him keep up with his party.

If you want to help you can find him next to his Cooking Table behind the large building to my right. "

The party goers at the Highroad Haven Inn have been ordering Spiralmint Steak like crazy! Too bad the increased demand is more than Auguste Frydaze can keep up with by himself.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Chef job.

As a chef, cook up some Spiralmint Steak for Auguste Frydaze in Highroad Junction.
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When you accept this quest, you'll automatically be changed into the Chef job.

Closing Comments

  • Auguste Frydaze says, "This party just won't stop! Which would be great for business if I could keep up... Hey, you wouldn't be here to help me would you? Oh, that's great! Here, take these ingredients for Spiralmint Steak and click on the Cooking Table to get started."
  • After the game, Auguste Frydaze says, "That looks tasty! You've got talent as a chef! Thanks for your help! You should head back to Merigold and let her know I'm finally caught up on orders."
  • Merigold says, "Great job helping out Auguste!"

Quest Series

What happens next depends on what you've already done.

  • If you have not done any brawling yet, then you'll be offered the Brawler: Hewey's Escape! quest.
  • If you've done that quest already, then Merigold says, "Now that you've tried Battles and Cooking what did you like more?"
Note: You'll be able to come back to Merigold at any time to get the last remaining quest.

Visit Merigold
Brawler: Hewey's Escape!
Highroad Junction
Quest Series
Brawler: Hewey's Escape!
Brawler: Restless Rumors
Chef: Ranger Requisition
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