FR Quest:Chapter 1: It's Business Time  

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Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Lieutenant Snibug in Nettleseed.
Lieutenant Snibug says,"You didn't think that was all you'd have to do, did you?

There's an old floren that recently started attacking innocent people out near Bristlewood Glade.

Darkthorne wants someone to find out what's up and fix it. It's obvious you can take care of business in a fight. Are you up for the mission? "

An old floren has been attacking anyone that enters his domain. Darkthorne has asked that he be taught to play nice.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Adventurer job.

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Lieutenant Snibug is impressed when you return from Bristlewood Glade:

"My scouts reported that you took care of things with the floren.

You're pretty good, you know that?"

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