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Card Duelist
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To Start: Speak to Poe Tatters in Sanctuary.
Poe Tatters says,"With your help we could rebuild the crew, though I need to be sure you have what it takes.

I hid my best cards for a time like this. They're stashed away in one of the yellow potted plants.

Find those cards and we can play a serious game to test your skills. "

Find Poe's cards, hidden in one of the yellow potted plants around Sanctuary.
This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

  • Coins 4 
  • Find Poe's hidden cards
  • Planter 1: You feel something soggy and wet, but it's certainly not cards...
  • Planter 2: The soil is smooth and free from debris.
  • Planter 3: You find nothing unusual in the soil
  • Planter 4: You feel something crawling on your hand as you reach into the soil...
  • Planter 5: EWWW! A Stinky Sock! Nope not cards...
  • Return the cards to Poe Tatters
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