FR Quest:A Bandit's Life  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Glugmort in Greenwood Camp.
Glugmort says,"I am confused. Why would a chugawug choose to be a bandit? Everyone can be a bit mischievous, but they are unusually mean!

Could you go into the Bandit Hideout and find anything that would make a chugawug become a bandit? "

Enter the Bandit Hideout and find out why a Chugawug would choose a life as a bandit.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Coins 15 
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Secret Document
Secret Document
Return to Glugmort and he'll say,

"You found this document in the Bandit Hideout? Excellent work! Give me a moment to read it."

Complete the quest and he will offer the next in the series, listed below.

Greenwood Camp
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