FR Quest:Secret Admirer  

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To Start: Speak to Jecca Ruchcups in Merry Vale.
Jecca Ruchcups says,"I hope you're enjoying the Festival of Hearts!

Have you checked in with Postmaster Vixie today to see if you received a forget-me-not?

Someone as sweet as you surely has endless admirers! "

Jecca is sure someone as sweet as you has many admirers! She's suggested you check in with Postmaster Vixie to see if you received a forget-me-not.
This is an Errand quest. This quest is repeatable. Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Speak to Postmaster Vixie
  • Sort mail until you find your gift
  • Return to Postmaster Vixie
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This quest is repeatable once per day during the Festival.

You'll be playing the Secret Admirer choice on the nearby postboxes, and it will bring up an easy version of the Merry Vale Mail Sorting minigame. You must complete three levels for the quest to update.

Closing Comments

  • Postmaster Vixie says, "Hrmm, I think I saw a package with the name "Character Name" on it, but we get so much mail during the Festival of Hearts, I can't be certain. You can sort through the mail, though, and see if you can find something addressed to you."
  • After sorting, Postmaster Vixie says, "Oh how exciting! You found a gift from a secret admirer. I wonder who it could be from! Go ahead and open it, I promise not to peek!"

This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2010, and available in-game during the Festival of Hearts celebration.
In 2012, the Festival of Hearts is scheduled to run from February 7th to March 8th.

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