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To Start: Speak to Vidor Stormshroud in Shrouded Glade.
Vidor Stormshroud says,"I like dogs! That's why I teach dog tricks. Here's a new one for you! Teach your dog "Peek-A-Boo" and I'll give you another trick.

If you don't own a dog, my dog June Bug could always use some practice! She's here in the dog park. "

Use the Trick Minigame to train your dog to do the trick Peek-A-Boo.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Pet Trainer job.

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This quest is no longer available in the game, but the information is kept here for historical purposes.

The proper name of this page, Peek-A-Who?, contains a question mark which gives the wiki trouble. Therefore the Wikibase title has had the question mark removed.
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