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To Start: Speak to Ty in Lakeshore.
Ty says,"You've shown your stealth, strength and martial skill, but sometimes speed is the sole deciding factor in combat.

Can you move as quickly as ninjas of the Flying Dragon Clan? "

Ty of Lakeshore has challenged you to demonstrate your speed in a fast-paced foot race.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Ninja job.

As a Ninja, complete the foot race in Lakeshore and quickly enough to impress Ty.
    Successfull complete Ty's foot race to demonstrate ninja-like speed.
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You can view a video, Burst of Speed, at YouTube.
Tips by Amalyndb

In Ninja: Burst of Speed, you as a ninja must race around Lakeshore, passing through 15 check points, within 1:30. If you miss a checkpoint, passing through subsequent checkpoints are not counted.

Falling off the bridge in the middle of the lake - just keep swimming, and go through the checkpoints, worry about getting out of the water once you reach the shore, rather than trying to swim back, get on the bridge,then keep going.

Attempting this quest multiple times may be of help.

There are speed bursts placed throughout the course.

There are a few strategies for trying to complete this course:

  • multiple attempts - just keep trying!
  • happy pet for Footspeed buff
  • eating a speed enhancing food - Royal Stew Du Jour

Tips by Anthony Misttracker:

After trying this MANY times going for each speed boost I always ended up two flags short when time ran out. With only the Pet speed boost I managed to get through all but 1 set of flags. Using the Royal Stew Du Jour (mentioned above) taking the shortest distance between each set of flags (including swimming through the set in the middle of the bridge on purpose), I finally managed to complete the run with 3 seconds to spare. I completely ignored the run boosts since they won't stack with the Stew anyway.

Note that using items that grant a speed enhancement means that the Speed Bonuses placed throughout the course will not be added on top of your already increased speed.

Tips left by AlexIroneyes:

In Ninja: burst of speed you must complete a 2 out 3 star difficulty race around lake shore you must do a lap around the west end. You can't cheat because there are checkpoints throughout the course. It's hard because you have 1:25 to complete it. This mission is very hard and stressful I have not completed it yet my self.

Tips left by Londia Wildblossom

  • SPEED: Pet speed or Royal Soup du Jour is required; trying for the speed bursts wastes more time than it saves and does not stack with the soup or pet buff.
  • There are 14 sets of red flags, and one set of green flags. You start and end with the green flags.
  • ALWAYS aim for going between the flags. Do not worry if the system is slow updating your success of each long as you go between the two flags you WILL be credited with that step.
  • The shortest distance is USUALLY a straight path, but not always! Most of the time you can see the next set of flags...aim straight for them to save time and win. This one thing is what allowed me to finally beat it!

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