FR Quest:Need Bigger Bags  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Throck Shallowshale in Wilds Central.
Throck Shallowshale says,"There be so much ore here that me bags are burstin' all over the place!

I'm gonna need a bigger bag. Can ya go to Mister Nooklings' in Lakeshore and get me a large bag of holding?

There may be a copper in it for ya if ya can help me. "

Throck is mining so much valuable minerals that his bags have become full. He has asked you to ask Mister Nooklings in Lakeshore for a large bag of holding.

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Throck Shallowshale is found in the pass leading into Briarwood from the Wilds.

A Bag of Fake Money is used in the Grab Bags collection.

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