FR Quest:Mysteriously Cakey Remains  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Chef Jarvie in Merry Vale.
Chef Jarvie says,"These cake-eating beasts had to come from somewhere, right? Maybe if we defeat a few of them, they'll leave behind a clue.

I'm just a chef. I know nothing of battling. Could you defeat some cakelings? Return immediately if you find any clues, *Player Name*! "

Chef Jarvie thinks Cakenstein's minions will leave behind a clue once they're defeated. Help Chef Jarvie find out if there really is a clue within the cakelings' cakey remains.
This is an Errand quest.

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Closing Dialogues

Chef Jarvie says, "By golly, is that mystery meat? Why on earth would someone create a cake with mystery meat? Now that I think about it... Where's all MY mystery meat? Well, if that isn't a clue, I'm not a chef! The Mayor will want to hear of this first thing! Go tell Mayor McFairy what we've discovered, *Player name*."

Mayor McFairy says, "Ah, you've found a clue that will help us find out where these cake monsters are coming from? Mystery meat? Well, that sounds less than appetizing."

Undelivered Confections Birthday Bash
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Cakey Clue
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