FR Quest:Kitty, Get the Spider!  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Miffit in Bristlewood.
Miffit says,"Those little spiders should go back to their home! I've tried to persuade Mocha to chase them away, but he's such an unreliable spaz.

Take your pet with you and use it to chase the spiders away. They'll rue the day they frightened me! "

This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 30 
  1. Chase away the spiders - (0/8)
  2. Return to Miffit
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A Spider
A Spider
You must have a pet to complete this quest. Despite the name of the quest, you can use either a cat or a dog. When the quest was done it did not switch me into my Pet Trainer clothing, so I do not think this quest gives Pet Trainer experience. You do not have to be a Pet Trainer, just own a pet.

With your pet out, run around the area near Arachnia's Lair and find the very small spiders near each of the larger, non-combatant spiders. They will become afraid, say "skitter!" and run to the lair entrance.

Bye Bye, Butterfly Briarwood
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