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Kart Driver
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To Start: Speak to Mirana Vega in Tangletrack Speedway.
Mirana Vega says,"There's still one last t hing to do before you can challenge Kade for teh cup. You need another sponsor. Only the best and most well known racers get to compete. If you have another sponsor, there's no way Kade can keep you out of the running. Check with that old dwarf that's been wandering around, Shamus Sootbender. I think he works for the Miner's Guild. "
Talk to Shamus Sootbender at Tangletrack Speedway about a possible sponsorship deal.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Kart Driver job.

  • Coins 10 
  • Talk to Shamus Sootbender
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