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Kart Driver
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To Start: Speak to Shamus Sootbender in Tangletrack Speedway.
Shamus Sootbender says,"Now I get to put you to work! We have a program at the Singing Crystal Mines in Snowhill where we reward the best miners each month with a prize! This month it will be tickets to kart racing, and our very own racign celebrity will be handing them out! YOU! Find Therin in Snowhill, he'll fill you in on the details! "
Win three races at Tangletrack Speedway.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Kart Driver job.

  • Stars 192 
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Kart Driver: Dominating at Tangletrack Kart Driver
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Kart Driver: SG Tour 400: Wildwood
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