FR Quest:Contract: Robgoblin Magic  

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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Natali in Lakeshore.
Natali says,"Hey, guess what I heard? The city of Snowhill sent out an SOS. Drive off some Elder Deep Bats and Swarming Shriekers at the Bat Caves.

Say...while you're up there...can you head into the Deep Mines for me? Collect some staffs from the robgoblin wizards there for me. "

Natali wants a wizard to defeat enemies in the Deep Mines and Bat Cave at Snowhill.
This is a Combat quest. This quest is repeatable. This quest will advance the Wizard job.

  • Coins 45 Stars 275 
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As there are only three Elder Deep Bats in the Bat Cave, you will have to enter it at least four times to complete this quest. Consider picking up the quests To the Bat Cave and Robin is Lost in the Bat Cave each time for extra coins, since they're easy and the quest givers are standing right outside the entrance. No need to defeat the dungeon boss unless you want to.

You'll only need one run through of Deep Mines to get all the Wizards, but be ready for a tougher dungeon. Consider getting Disarm the Pests from Buren, or any of his other quests, since they're easy to do at the same time while in Deep Mines.

When you get back to Natali, she tells you, "I'd congratulate you, but I'm afraid the more bats have come to roost. But thanks for collecting the wizard staffs for me!"

Wizard: Reach Level 10 Wizard
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