FR Quest:Chef: Reach Level 5  

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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Bordon Cloo in Pixiewood Hills.
Bordon Cloo says,"Once you're a bit of a better cook and you reach level 5, I have a plan for you. Come back to me when you've gotten some more practice."
Your cooking career will continue once you have reached level 5 as a Chef. Return to Bordon Cloo at that time.
This is an Errand quest.  This quest will advance the Chef job.

  • Coins 5 
Reach Level 5 as a Chef, then return to Bordon Cloo.
  • Chef: Level 5
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Unfortunately, there are no contract quests, like there are for the combat jobs, to help you level up. So you have to just start cooking the recipes that you have already learned and repeating them until you reach level 5.

Chef: Meet the Reputable Bordon Cloo Chef
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