FR Quest:Chef: Meet the Reputable Bordon Cloo  

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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Perry in Wilds North.
Perry says,"You have some talent, *Character Name*! You might even have what it takes to impress the royal chef, Bordon Cloo!

He's in Sanctuary, which is pretty far away, but there's a druid in town that can help with that. Find Vaelen Warpwatcher and see if he can teleport you there. "

Deliver Bumbleberry, Gummyfruit, and Spiralmint to Bordon Cloo, the famous royal chef of Sanctuary! Vaelen Warpwatcher can help you get there quickly!
This is an Errand quest.  This quest will advance the Chef job.

  • Coins 24 Stars 175 
Deliver the ingredients to Bordon Cloo in Sanctuary.
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Closing Comments

Vaelen Warpwatcher says, "What's that? You need to be teleported to Sanctuary? How fortunate! I'm right in the middle of testing a new spell with my brother, who happens to be in Sanctuary. This is a good time to participate too. Our tests have been 73% successful today!"

Bordon Cloo says, "Ahh, you've brought me some fresh Bumbleberry. It smells so sweet. By the looks of it, you seem to be a chef. Let's see what you've got. Try cooking up some Savory Spiralmint Soup and return to me when you've finished."

After the game, Bordon Cloo says, "You must be new to the cooking business. This food has very little flavor, but you seem like you're giving it your best shot."

Chef: Snowy Treats Chef
Quest Series
Chef: Reach Level 5
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