FR Quest:Chapter 1: The Weapon Shipment  

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To Start: Speak to Vittorio in Briarwood.
Vittorio says,"During the raid, Dimitri overheard that Sergeant Cargug took our weapon shipment into Nettleseed.

Go deeper into Briarwood and find him.

Dimitri and Randall will search for information on who took our other items. "

Venture into Briarwood to find the stolen weapon shipment.
This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Adventurer job.

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Sergeant Cargug
Cargug Map Location
Sergeant Cargug is at the entrance to Nettleseed.

When you speak to Mumpalot, she'll tell you, "Oh, that Cargug is such a romantic! I just hope that they chase all the baddies out of Briarwood soon, I miss him so much!

Thank you for bringing these to me --player name--!"

When you return, Cargug will say, "She said I was romantic? Well hey, all right!

A deal's a deal, just don't get any ideas in your head about using these weapons.

They're pretty much garbage, so you're not going to get more than a few good swings out of them before they break."

When you return to the caravan, Vittorio says, "They tested the weapons?! Well, there goes that!

Hopefully we'll still be able to make use of the armor..."

It is interesting to note that the weapons were useless, of very poor quality. Vittorio seemed upset that the Chugawugs had realized this.

Chapter 1: Find the Caravan! Sacred Grove
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Chapter 1: The Armor Shipment
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