FR Quest:Chapter 1: The Empty Box  

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Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Captain Chugug in Briarheart.
Captain Chugug says,"The contents of that box were deemed too dangerous to return.

I can not give you what was inside. I hope that the box alone is enough.

I'm not sure what interest you have with those troublemakers on the road, but I hope you steer clear of any danger. "

You were able to get the box back, but...
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If Vittorio was upset about the Chugs discarding the weapons and armor, he was downright terrified of telling Geoffrey that they got whatever was in that box. Now he wants you to take the brunt of the Royal Advisor's anger.

This is what he says: "Holy cow! You actually pulled it off? You're better than I gave you credit for, Geoffrey must know what he's doing! Now those chugs won't be able to prove anythi...what? The wooden box is EMPTY? This is bad. Real bad. Geoffrey is going to...oh no..."

Chapter 1: Report to Captain Chugug Sacred Grove
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Chapter 1: Bearer of Bad News
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