FR Quest:Chapter 1: Report to Captain Chugug  

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To Start: Speak to Lieutenant Snibug in Nettleseed.
Lieutenant Snibug says,"You've been a lot of help around here, so I've put in a good word with Captain Chugug.

I think he might be willing to get you back that wooden box you're interested in.

The Captain is stationed outside of Briarheart Palace, on the other side of Tanglewood Fort. "

Your exploits have made their way up the chain in Briarwood.
Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Adventurer job.

  • Coins 7 Stars 225 
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Captain Chugug says, "Ah, -player name-, it is good to put a face to the name! My soldiers have told me much about your exploits on behalf of Lady Darkthorne. I know that you seek the wooden box that was seized earlier, but I can only do so much. I have brought the wooden box for you, but there's a catch..."

Chapter 1: Pampered Pets Sacred Grove
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Chapter 1: The Empty Box
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