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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Merigold in Highroad Junction.
Merigold says,"A bear recently escaped from the Durango Zoo, and now it's trapped someone inside a cave!

If you want to help, talk to Assistant Archy near the wagons to my left. "

An escaped bear from the Durango Zoo has cornered someone in a nearby cave in Highroad Junction and they need your help!
This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Brawler job.

As a brawler, help Archy save Harold from Hewey the escaped bear in Highroad Junction.
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When you accept this quest, you will automatically be changed into the Brawler job.

Closing Comments

Assistant Archy says, "Help! Oh, I need help! My boss, Harold, went after Hewey the bear, but now he's trapped in that cave behind me. Can you save him?"

Harold says, "Thanks for helping me out with Hewey. He can be a real handful sometimes! You should head back to Merigold and let her know everything is ok now."

Merigold says, "Great job helping out Archy and Harold!"

Quest Series

What happens next depends on what you've already done.

Note: You'll be able to come back to Merigold at any time to get the last remaining quest.

Visit Merigold
Chef: Auguste's Rush Orders
Highroad Junction
Quest Series
Chef: Auguste's Rush Orders
Brawler: Restless Rumors
Chef: Ranger Requisition
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